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How It Works

WiseCashier is powered by a licensed financial institution which is an authorized partner of both WeChat and Alipay. So the security of your business funds is guaranteed with us.

1. Generate Order

Generate transaction orders in your system

2. Get Paid

Guide customers through payment

3. Process and Record

Real-time balance updates

4. Payment Settled

Regular payment settlement

Offer Both Online and Offline Supports

WiseCashier provides customized solutions for merchants to collect payments, meeting the diversified needs of online and offline merchants.

Collect Payment Offline

Face to face payment has never been so easy.
Set Amount- Scan and Pay- Get Notice of Successful Payment. No bother to find change; 5 seconds a deal. Yeah, it is just this speedy!

Collect Payment Online

By integrating WiseCashier's easy-to-use API, you are able to collect payments in any platform and from different scenarios.
Regardless of payment situations, by simply inserting several codes, you are able to flexibly collect money from multiple channels including WeChat Pay and Alipay. DeveloperDocs >>

In-App Payment

Mobile Webpage Payment

PC Webpage Payment

WeChat Official Account Payment

WeChat Mini Program Payment

Collect Cross-border Payment from Multiple Channels

With WiseCashier, you are able to collect money through China's leading payment gateways like WeChat Pay and Alipay; Collecting payments from other major sources like China UnionPay or from overseas bank accounts is to be available soon.

Allow you to collect money from WeChat Wallet in China Mainland as well as WeChat Wallet in Hong Kong

Allow you to collect money from Alipay in China Mainland as well as Alipay in Hong Kong

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Not Just A Money Collection Application

WiseCashier is also a worry-free financial management system taking good care of your needs in a proper fashion
Multi-currency Pricing and Settlement

Allow you to price goods or services as well as to receive customers' payments in a variety of currencies including USD, HKD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, NZD; Always well aware of your needs of scaling your business.

Transparent Exchange Rate

Use the spot exchange rates provided by WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay International; No sneaky mark-up!

Supply-chain Management and Settlement

Transaction funds are directly settled within a supply chain, or to related bank accounts; Save you from financial hassles!

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